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For Sale:

Waters "Universal Hybrid Coupler II" Model 3002

Most of us would likely call this a phone patch, but it
is really much more than that.  It does work as a phone
patch, but also will interface with a tape recorder, and
permit recording and play back of on-the-air QSOs.  It
will also play the tape recording in to the phone line.
Of course nothing says that the tape recorder input must
be used with a tape recorder.  Connect the sound card in
your computer in this position, and you have a very
effective interface.

This one is Model 3002, and also includes a speech compressor
powered by a 9 volt battery.  The front panel is finished
on both sides, with one side having it set in a horizontal
position, and the other in a vertical position.  It is
presently in the vertical position.

This was a "top of the line" unit years ago.  One only found
them with top stations such as Collins.  Of course it will
still do the job it did then.

This particular unit is in extremely nice condition.

With paper work for $100.

Johnson SWR sensor 250-24

This unit is in its original box that says "S W R Bridge,
Standing Wave Ratio Bridge, 52 ohms, Cat No 250-24".

However, this is only the sensor unit.  There is no actual
meter.  It is the round, cylindrical sensor that can go with
many of the Johnson Matchbox units.  SO-239 connectors on
each end, plus terminals to connect the wires to the meter.

This unit is in the original box, with the original paper
work, and original packing material.  It appears to be new,
and certainly is quite collectible. $60

Astatic D-104 "Lollypop" Desk Microphone

The D-104 is the "Lollypop" microphone that matches many
of the older rigs, and is often seen pictured with them.
It looks somewhat like a giant chrome plated lollypop,
stuck into a black base. The chrome PTT switch is a bar
that is parallel to the "stick" of the lollypop. This
one also has a PTT switch on the base, in addition to
the one on the side.

This particular D-104 is in extremely nice condition.
Of course it works fine. Cosmetically, it is extremely
nice. The chrome seems perfect, with no scratches or
defects of any sort. The black base has a couple of very
minor wear marks, but they are very slight. It presently
has a 4 pin connector wired for TenTec, but that obviously
could be changed. $75

Yaesu YD-844 Desk Microphone

This is a 50 K impedance desk microphone that really looks
sharp. It has a standard PTT switch on it, and also a
locking PTT switch. The YD-844 dynamic base station microphone
is an optional accessory made by Yaesu. Made of a heavy cast
metal it uses a dynamic 50K ohm element.

A picture can be seen at

This particular mic works fine and looks very close to new.
No scratches or imperfections. $100

Lafayette EAM-15 dynamic hand microphone
2000 ohm impedance can be used any place a dynamic mic is needed.
Stripped and tinned leads.
It works fine, and looks good also. $25

CMOS Iambic Keyer

This keyer features a build in set of HamKey Paddles.
The front has speed control, plus a volume control for
the sidetone volume. Of course that means that it can
also be used for code practice. Also on the front panel
is a 3 position switch that turns off the output to the
transmitter (for code practice), puts it in to "Keyer
mode", or locks it on for transmitter tune up.

The rear panel has provisions for an external speaker
(one is built in), external key, external paddles, plus
jacks for keying the transmitter. There is also a connector
for external 9 to 12 V DC power, although it can be powered
by a regular 9 V battery if desired.

It works fine and is in extremely nice condition. $50

With paper work for $22.



Ken, W8EK

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