A bit OT: National Radio Company TV set(s)

Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Thu Apr 1 00:09:50 EDT 2010

Went to a garage sale today and saw a National Radio TV set.   Small screen, good old National style knobs, the National emblem, metal case - probably early 50's.  I pondered showing some interest but I need more radios (of any sort) like ..... well, like a hole in the head.  Might have offered the guy $5 but he started carrying on about how rare they are, only 200 built and only 50 in a metal case, blah, blah, and I decided he probably wanted more than I was willing to pay (like more than $6).  

But that did peak my interest a bit. Can anyone shed any information on the subject?  I know Hallicrafters made a TV and I am not surprised that National might have made a stab at one.  An interesting box but I have no idea of value (or even of my own interest). 


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