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Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at FLHAM.NET
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Boatanchor items For Sale:

B & W 377 Coaxial Antenna Relay:
I had never seen one of these before. Most of us are familiar
with the Dow Key Antenna relays that many of us used 40 or 50
years ago. This unit serves the same function, but is somewhat
The B & W 377 is housed in a hexagon box. It has three SO-239
connectors coming out three of the sides, a length of wire on
one side that goes to the coil of the relay, and two sides that
are blank.
The coil is rated to work on 48 to 130 volts AC. The original
single page instruction sheet says that it is a unique relay
design permitting this large variation in voltage. It is good
to 150 MHz, and will handle 2000 Watts PEP, or 1000 watts
It appears that this unit has never been used. It has the
original instruction sheet, and original box. The unit itself
does not appear to have been used, and looks perfect. $75


All of these microphones have been tested and work well.

Johnson Hi Z Hand Microphone
This high impedance hand mic is a gray color, with the
Johnson logo with the Viking on it. It has a PTT switch and
coiled cord, and produces a nice pattern on the scope. It
looks good also. $30

Generic Hi Z Hand Microphone
This hand mic is black in color, and looks like it might
have come from a HyGain rig. It has a PTT switch and black
coiled cord. $25

Communications Speaker
This 4 inch square speaker is optimized for communications
frequencies (300 to 3000 Hz). It is in a black enclosure,
and is an 8 ohm speaker. It has a cord with a 1/8 inch
(3.5 mm) mono plug on the end.
This one works fine and looks OK also. $15

CW Items:

Vibroplex Brass Racer Triangular Iambic Paddle

The Brass Racer Paddles are unique in that there are no springs
in the design. Tension on the paddle is infinitely adjustable by
the use of magnets. It is a convenient, space saving portable
keyer paddle unit crafted from solid brass with a lacquer coated
brushed finish mounted on a hardwood base. Designed for use
with an external keyer or a keyer built into the radio. It has a
long shielded cord with a 1/4 inch stereo plug. It works fine
and looks good. $100

Cable for straight key
About 3 feet long, with a mono 1/4 inch phone plug on it,
as is used with a straight key. $5
As above, but 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) plug. $5

Cable for paddles
About 3 feet long, and with a 1/4 inch stereo connector
on the end, like used by most rigs. $8
As above, but 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) plug $8

Coax connectors and adapters:
Prices are per connector. Several of each are available.
These are NOS (have not been used).

BNC male for coax cable
standard type - $2
crimp on type - $3

Chassis mount BNC female
square mount (uses 4 screws) - $3
screw in type - $3

BNC 90 degree - female to male - $3

BNC "T" - two female and one male - $3

Antenna adapter to fit the BNC connector on the HT
and provide an SO-239 connector that will permit
a PL-259 to be attached. (BNC male to UHF female) $5

UHF Male (PL-259) to BNC female (opposite of above) $5

UHF double female "Barrel connector" (two SO-239 together) $3

UHF "T" connector with two female (SO-239) and one male
(PL-259) connection - $5

Antenna adapter for Kenwood TH-21/31/41 HTs
Adapts the antenna connector found on these HTs to a
standard PL-259 connector. $6

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.


Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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