Hallicrafters SX28 Super Skyrider.

Brian Goldsmith brian.goldsmith at ECHO1.COM.AU
Thu Apr 8 01:40:45 EDT 2010

Greetings to all.
A friend has brought in a Hallicrafters SX28 for "restoration".
When he telephoned me before bringing it in,he casually mentioned that the
DPO had removed a few bits and that he might not have remembered what he had
taken apart.

He was right about the DPO being a Dreaded Previous Owner!!!

The entire front panel and gearbox assembly has been broken down into
constituent parts,all lovingly placed into resealable plastic bags which
have been marked as to content right down to the balls from the many shaft


Does anyone have any detail about the gearbox and its assembly that they
could let me have,anything gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,Brian G.

PS. The S meter has also been given the PAAPTBIPB 
(pull apart and package the bits in plastic bags treatment) however I can
probably fix that.




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