A Real Boat anchor

Wilson Lamb infomet at EMBARQMAIL.COM
Sat Apr 24 12:39:56 EDT 2010

Sometimes I'm as dumb as my wife says!
I think it was a little dark when I looked at it.
The old 701 generator is an RCA, not HP!
Picture attached.  Still for sale.
Picture also here.  http://picasaweb.google.com/wlinfometric/HAM#5463743868140961010
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  Mr. Lamb,
  A friend of mine sent me a listing you posted concerning an HP701A RF generator.  I might have an interest in this as I my home shop is essentially a museum of vintage HP.  You can see pictures of my shop with numerous boat anchors (perhaps one of the largest collections in the world) at http://www.kennethkuhn.com/hpmuseum .  I am curious about this unit as I am kind of an expert about vintage HP and this model number is new to me and is not in any of the catalogs.  HP did make a number of odd, non catalog items although they typically had a different model number scheme.  Anyway, feel free to send pictures.  We may work up a deal.

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