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Supposedly, David Sarnoff (RCA CEO) would not, for some reason, allow Bill Halligan to obtain a license for the Hazeltine patents.  However, Echophone had the necessary Hazeltine licenses.  Therefore, Halligan purchased Echophone primarily to get the licenses.  Reportedly, Sarnoff was livid, but, because the licenses were already given to Echophone he could not do anything about it.

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--- On Sun, 4/25/10, David Hollander <n7rk at COX.NET> wrote:

The radio is an Echophone. Bill Halligan bought out Echophone in 1935 and started making Hallicrafters radios in the old Echophone factory at 2611 Indiana Ave. in Chicago. Before that, Hallicrafters gear was made under contract to the likes of McMurdo-Silver, Howard and others. Hallicrafters used the Echophone name on several low-priced receivers in the early to mid-1940s. The Hallicrafters S-41 and the Echophone EC-1A are the same radio with different paint jobs. Your S-39 was made by Hallicrafters.
The Hallicrafters S-41W (white cabinet) and S-41G (gray cabinet) and the Echophone you are referring to are all the same receiver.


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