NEED: 262/6KC IF Transformer

Jim Hill Jim2_w6ivw at COX.NET
Mon Apr 26 13:37:19 EDT 2010

You might try Play Things of the Past.  They have a large parts 
section.  See  I have not 
purchased anything from them, but will try to get an IF transformer 
for my 20's superhet after figuring out the frequency.

When you click on the coil section, select open with Word Pad MFC application.


At 03:20 PM 4/24/2010, you wrote:
>I need a 262/6KC IF Transformer like the one pictured here:
>It is approximately 2" tall and 1"x1"
>The project is to convert a Q-Multiplier designed for 455
>to work with a 262KHz IF receiver.

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