Question for the Experts: Any experience neon bulbs?

William Morton w_b_morton at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Aug 2 11:29:24 EDT 2010

Hello All,

I have a box which has a total of 5 Type 48 neon bulbs in parallel.  The first bulb is always on as long as the master power is on.  The remaining 4 are all individually switched within their parallel connections.  My problem arises when I turn on the master power (1 bulb lights up) and then begin turning on the remaining 4:  the GFI wall socket trips when the last bulb is turned on.  The frustrating part of this problem is I can turn on 3 of the remaining 4 bulbs in any order or combination.  I can have the master power bulb on with any 3 of the remaining 4 working fine, but it's just the last one that trips the GFI.  All bulbs have the required 30k ohm resistor in series and the entire circuit is protected by a small 1.5 amp fuse.  The fuse itself has never blown - only the GFI trips.

Can anyone comment on potential issues or fixes?  Anyone else experience such a thing?  Luckily this contraption will only use 2 of the remaining 4 bulbs at any one time, but I would still like to fix the root cause of the problem.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Best Regards,

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