Bob Moulton rmoulton at EMAIL.ARIZONA.EDU
Fri Aug 6 04:17:13 EDT 2010

Hello all

A few items that might be of interest to members of the group. Figured I'd put
them here first before I put 'em up for auction.

1) Astatic T-UG8 microphone. Good shape. $25 plus shipping.

2) Sprague TCA-1 Capacitor analyzer. All original right down to the "black
beauty" caps. Looks good. The dial is fine but there is a piece missing from
the control knob which could be easily replaced (it is separate from the dial).
$25 plus shipping.

Ok, now the ganga deals:

3) Small RCA PA amplifier. Uses first generation transitors w/ sockets. Several
parts missing, but it looks decent so it could be repaired or make an
interesting project box. FREE to good home, you just pay the shipping.

4) Fairly old  lab bench ammeter in wooden case. Free to me so free to you, just
pay the shipping.

5) Leeds & Northrop bench decade capacitance box. In wooden case and fairly
heavy so shipping is not really an option. Free to good home and I could
arrange transport to those in AZ area.

I can provide photos of any and all of the above.



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