A nice, neat old 10M mobile AM transmitter

Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Thu Aug 26 20:26:10 EDT 2010

I have been doing a bit of general cleanup and organizing in the ham shack and 
found this rather neat old homebrew 10M mobile transmitter which I thought some 
of you might enjoy looking at.  Took some pictures and put them, along with a 
some captions, in an album on Picassa - you can see the pictures here:


The transmitter is from CQ Magazine, June 1950.  It covers 10M with a built in 
VFO and is AM modulated (using a carbon mike which I have somewhere around 
here).  Tube line up:
6C4 buffer
12AQ5 final
6AQ5 modulator

Power requirement is 12 VDC for the tubes and the built in TR relay (uses PTT) 
and 180VDC at 26 mA for the plates. RF power is reportedly 10W (probably power 
input).  The little guy is only 6" in each side - huge in today's world but 
nicely compact back in the day. 

The transmitter was given to me by Chuck Corteville, W0HDF (SK) several years 
ago.  Not sure who built it but Chuck put his imprint on it in 1958 when he 
modified it for 12 VDC operation. Tucked inside was a copy of the schematic and 
some notes from Chuck.  Very nicely built. Not sure what I will do with it - was 
going to pair it up with a Gonset converter but rather think I have too many 
projects on my plate as it is.  

Anyways there you go.  If you happen to have a copy of the original construction 
article, I would certainly like to have a copy for keeping with this radio.


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