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Tue Dec 14 23:07:36 EST 2010

prices were:

Kit SB-104A     Transceiver     $689.95

Kit SBA-104-1   Noise Blanker   $ 29.95
Kit SBA-104-3   400hz CW filter $ 49.95
Kit PS-1144     Power Supply    $119.95


Power output    100w into 50 ohm load (highpower)j
                1 watt (lowpower)  yes, true qrp !
Carrier Suppression     - 50 db down from 100 watt
        single tone output at 1000 hz.
Sensitivity     0.5 uv for 10 db S + N/N for SSB
Distortion:     -65 db min; -57 db with noise blanker
Image rejection -60 db min
        CW      Selectible 400 hz or 2.1 khz
        SSB     2.1 khz min at -6 db
                5 khz min at  -60 db (2:1 shape factor)
Frequency Stability:    Less than 100 hz/30 minute after
                30 minutes warm up;
                        Less than 100 hz drift over a
                primary line voltage swing of +/- 10 %


The transmitter circuitry lets you choose 100 watts out for "barefoot"
operation or, with the touch of a button, choose one watt out to turn
the 104 into a sophisticated QRP transceiver.  In this mode, a simple
12volt gellcell will power the transceiver for hours.  The transmitter
also features quad op-amp audio processing, filter sideband
generation, crystal-controlled heterodyne oscillators for maximum
frequency stability, and a unique ALC system to eliminate distortion
producing over-drive.  It utilizes driver and PA transistors in a
broadband, no-tune push pull configuration, diode biasing to prevent
PA thermal runaway, and power regulating control circuitry to prevent
damage under high SWR conditions (the better the SWR, the more output
you have).   Excellent vox and break-in circuitry along with standard
side-tone and RTTY operation.

The receiver front-ends came from the factory preassembled and tested.
 This was true of all SB-104/A's.  Individual preselector filters were
installed for each band.  That, along with balanced first and second
mixers, gives you sensitivity of less than 0.5 uv.  Couple this with
patented broadband receiver design and you have only the antenna and
your clock to compete with.  Fast/slow AGC, preset USB, LSB, cw modes,
15 mhz WWV, the perfect travel companion for class ham radio.

Price - Value Comparison

Compare this transceiver, as a Heath Collector, to the KWM-2 for the
Collins collector.  You have no heat, no wearing components or
deteriorating circuitry or tubes;  and performance falls clearly on
the SB-104/A. The closest Collins transceiver to this would be the
out-rageously expensive KWM-380.  While the KWM-2 owners are crying in
their soup for performance, sit back and cruise the 80 through 10
meter bands in style with the SB-104.  Add a modern DSP unit to the
audio, pack a gellcell and charger, and bring a recoiling dipole and
you have a station to take around the world.

The Price:

$350 plus shipping to licensed amateur only;
$400 plus shipping with the CW filter and noise blanker;
$500 plus shipping with the CW filter, noise blanker, and 20 amp
original power supply;

The hardware is in like new, showroom condition; clean/full operation
on all bands; very little use.

Accessories available after purchase:  SB-604, SB-614, SB-634,


Builder set: Construction & Operation:  $45 plus shipping
        Like new construction $25 plus shipping

73 to all,


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