I'm stumped!

Bob Jackson bob at NOFROWNS.NET
Mon Dec 6 18:06:23 EST 2010

I'm working on a Halli S-119 Sky Buddy II. Going in, the only known problem was bad filter caps. Replaced those and fired it up. Nada. Doing the voltage checks, the 6BA6 and the 6BE6 both show voltage on their filaments (between 7 & 8 VAC) but the filaments don't light up. Check the tubes on the checker and both show VG-EX. The 6CM8's fils light up just fine.

Q: How can two "good" tubes have voltage on their respective fils and NOT light up when the third tube in the string does? This isn't a xfmr-less rig.

Tnx for any/all suggestions and 73 to all,


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