Transformer needed for adjustable HV supply.

Tom Norris at GMAIL.COM
Sun Feb 14 11:55:03 EST 2010

I have this decent, but not currently usable classroom-type HV supply I'd like to get up and running. It's a very light-weight 70's vintage "Lock Science" UK thingie.  I found out why it was a gimme! 220 v primary only.  Would be less expensive to simply replace the original tranny with another than have a step-up transformer taking up room in my already cramped work area.  

I doubt I'll find a replacement transformer as a single unit, but I am looking for something with 120 vac input with the following outputs --  2 each 6.3 at 2A, single ended 300V at 120mA, and 50V CT 80 mils for bias.   "Close Enough" is fine, it can have any number of filament windings, even one will do, with 5 vAC for the second.  HV may be single ended or CT, bias can be anything -- would prefer *more* than 50 volts, actually.  The kicker is the original fits in a 5x5 inch space.  A generic replacement will give me most of the voltages, probably less the bias. Still room for it in the case. Probably room for a second HV source as well (thinking separate screen supply)

When all is said and done, I may end up modding the B+ to take a regulator, particularly if I add an additional screen output.  Plenty room for (gasp) solid-state devices.

I wish I hadn't gotten rid of the majority of my junk-box items or I'd probably *have* a replacement.

Thanks for any help!

Tom NU4G
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