AM Xcvrs ??

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Ben et al,

According to most definitions, a transceiver uses "some" circuitry which is shared on both transmit and receive. It is not necessary that the frequency control be common, only that some circuitry be shared, and generally all circuits are in a common containment. Therefore the G-76 IS a transceiver. And, it is also a VHF rig, in that it covers 6 meters. Six is crystal control only, no VFO there. Good thing too, because the Gonset VFO is not the most stable critter. It's not real good on 6 meters, however my Dad did work VK land on 6M back in the very early 60s on his G-76, which I now have.

One major issue with the G-76, at least on VHF and 10 meters is that the RX RF comes in through the TX PA amp, and therefore you can't easily use a preamp with it without some classy switching to keep RF power out of the preamp. You also have to have the TX amp tuned in order for the RX to work reasonably.

Howie WB2AWQ
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  Gonset G76. Not a true transceiver as it has separate transmitter and
  receiver frequency control, but a complete single front-panel HF
  receiver/transmitter package in one case.
   I can't resist but mention the WW2 military AM-CW transceiver with single
  knob frequency control, the first true transceiver for HF ever manufactured
  (1939) for the British/Allied Forces, the Wireless Set No. 19. Many of them
  are still on the air.

  73, Meir WF2U
  Landrum, SC

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  Fellow BA-ers ...

  Is there such a thing as an AM/CW (only, i.e. SSB-less) XCVR? Lots of SSB
  rigs (incl my 20+ yo BB rice box) have AM capability as a "second language"
  but really don't like the mode on xmit. All AM rigs I ever knew about were
  Milsup sep units.

  Tnx & 73 to all,

  Bob  AG5X

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