AM Xcvrs ??

George Babits gbabits at CUSTERTEL.NET
Sun Feb 21 17:21:42 EST 2010

My 2 cents worth on the subject of AM tranceivers.

If a VFO isn't a requirement for an AM tranceiver, you all imight consider a 
whole host of vintage Ship to Shore" sets made from the 40 through the 60's 
These were all crystal controlled of course, but with AM operators limiting 
themselves to "channels" for some unknown reason, they would work great on 
160, 75, and 40 meters.  Also there is a whole plethoria of old Forest 
Service gear that were tranceivers operating on AM.  The SPF comes to mind. 
It was a  battery operated, crystal controled transmitter and tunable 
receiver in the 2 to 4 MCs range.  There was a lot of other similiar gear. 
And what about the military ARC-2?  or did someone rule out military gear?


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