Heath Hi Z Mic, other mics, coax switch, etc. FS

Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at FLHAM.NET
Wed Jan 6 10:31:33 EST 2010

For Sale:

Heath High Impedance Hand Microphone
This is the black colored hand mic that was used on
the HW and SB series transceivers from 25 or 30 years ago.
It is a Hi Z mic. This particular mic is in good condition.
It works great, and looks fine cosmetically. It even includes
the mounting clip (which looks like it was never used).
This mic presently has stripped and tinned ends, but of
course a connector can easily be added.
I have paper work for a Heath GH-12 A hand microphone with
it, but am not certain that is what it is. My memory says
the GH-12 A was dark green in color, and this one is a
black color. $30

Other Microphones:

Shure 104 C, Low Z hand Microphone
This is a very heavy duty Shure mic. It appears to be new,
with stripped and tinned ends that have never been on a
connector. It is in its original box, with the original
instruction manual. $30

Yaesu MH-1 B 8 dynamic hand microphone
This is the Yaesu hand microphone that has the round
8 pin connector on it. It will go with virtually any
Yaesu rig that uses the round 8 pin connector. It has
up, down, and fst switches, and well as a tone switch,
in addition to the PTT switch.
This particular unit works fine. The front of it looks
very good. The back has some minor defects, but nothing
that effects operation. $30

Lafayette EAM-15 dynamic hand microphone
2000 ohm impedance can be used any place a dynamic mic is
needed. Striped and tinned leads.
It works fine, and looks good also. $25

Generic Hand Microphone
This is a low impedance hand microphone, black in color.
With 8 pin round connector wired for Kenwood.  $27
Striped and tinned leads. $22

Regular hand microphone
Electret Condenser microphone
Generic Black mic, with gray PTT bar. Requires polarizing
voltage. $25

DTMF Touch Tone Microphones:

CES 655 L "Microdialer" DTMF Microphone
You can manual dial a number, or automatically have it
stored in the mic, and "speed dial" with this mic. 12
digit touch tone pad on the front, with the microphone
part above the pad. This one presently has a 4 pin plug
on it, but of course that can be changed. $35

CES 600 L, Universal DTMF microphone
This has a normal touch tone pad on the front, with
a low impedance microphone. This one has the 8 pin
modular plug (like a computer LAN) on it. This mic has
not been used, so it is in really great condition.
With paper work for $40.

Data Signal "Data-Coder 5" touch tone mic
This mic has a 12 digit touchtone pad on it, plus a
normal low impedance microphone. With 4 pin plug.
Like new. $38

VoMax Speech Processor:
This unit was considered the absolute best speech processor
available in the 80's. The VoMax splits the audio signal into
discrete bands, processes each band, passes the separate
signals through bandpass filters to eliminate distortion,
and sums the signals in a phase-equalizing combiner. The
result is superb audio you can feed to your transmitter
that has low distortion and 10-12db power gain!
The VoMax added between your microphone and transmitter
gives you extra punch that is equivalent to adding a linear
amplifier. It is powered by 12 V DC at about 100 ma.
This particular unit works fine, and looks very nice.
Paper work is included for $75.

Coaxial Antenna Switch:
B & W Model 550 A coax switch
This model will switch up to 5 antennas, and does NOT
ground unused antennas. It has the coax coming out the
sides like spokes of a wheel. This one has the optional
face place also. It will handle full legal limit.
This one works fine and looks fine as well. $40

Weston Precision MilliVolt Meter Model 1
This is an extremely precision meter, with mirrored
scale about 6 inches long. It weighs about 5 1/2 pounds!
It has terminals for scales of 150, 1500, 15000, and
150000 millivolts.
Also included is the calibration information (from 1944)
indicating that it is "dot on" for calibration.
In addition, it is in an extremely nice protective case,
that appears to be real leather.
To put it another way, this is an extremely nice meter! $80

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.

Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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