HRO Coils

Wilson Lamb infomet at EMBARQMAIL.COM
Mon Jan 11 09:22:38 EST 2010

OK, I have come into a great HRO-M, in a rack with AC and DC PS.
Now the rub;  It's OK on 80, usable on 40, but then the tuning is really 
I haven't even listened to the 14-30 MHz coils, which have a whopping 28 
KHz/div on the dial!
We have it on good authority, a QST ad from Jim Hanlon (2/46, p 79), that 
National at least offered to sell bandspread coils for the M, as for the 5, 
7, etc.
Has anyone ever seen any of these, or are they solid unobtainium!

If I can't find some, I think I'll just mount my HRO-7R in the rack and let 
the M be an ornament.
Of course it's good enough to qualify for CX and earn me a 65 year 
multiplier!  That will be its first real duty.

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