HRO-M Coil Work

Wilson Lamb infomet at EMBARQMAIL.COM
Wed Jan 13 10:21:00 EST 2010

I've gotten into the idea of rigging bandspread coils for my HRO-M.
I'm well on the way to understanding the coil circuitry and its interaction 
with the main chassis.
It appears that all the coils were made the same way, whatever style can 
they were in.
I see how to install the needed components, but determining the proper 
values and finding the trimmer cap that can be set from outside are 
nontrivial jobs.
SO, I'm looking for A,B, or C coil sets that are inexpensive, even damaged 
in some way.  I can mount the phenolic coil plates in my cans, realign, and 
be up with bandspread.
I'll check the usual places, of course, but if you know of some please let 
me know.

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