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Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at FLHAM.NET
Sun Jan 17 13:39:12 EST 2010

Coaxial Antenna Relay and Antenna switch For Sale:

B & W 377 Coaxial Antenna Relay

I had never seen one of these before.  Most of us are familiar
with the Dow Key Antenna relays that many of us used 40 or 50
years ago.  This unit serves the same function, but is somewhat
unique.  It is also NOS.

The B & W 377 is housed in a hexagon box, that I assume is the
same as the box some of the B & W coax switches used.  It has
three SO-239 connectors coming out three of the sides, a length
of wire on one side that goes to the coil of the relay, and two
sides that are blank.

The coil is rated to work on 48 to 130 volts AC, at 15 ma.  The
original single page instruction sheet says that it is a unique
relay design permitting this large variation in voltage.  It also
says it is good to 150 MHz, and will handle 2000 Watts PEP, or
1000 watts continuous.

It appears that this unit has never been used.  It has the original
instruction sheet, and original box.  The box has the tab partially
torn, but considering the age, is in nice shape.  The unit itself
does not appear to have been used, and looks perfect.  $75

Heath HD-1234 Coaxial antenna switch

This coax switch has SO-239 connectors arranged so the coax comes
out like the spokes of a wheel.  It will switch up to 4 antennas,
and also ground all of the antennas.  It works fine and looks fine
also.  With mounting bracket and paper work for $35.

DTMF Touch Tone Microphones:

Icom HM-8 touchtone microphone
The HM-8 has a 12 digit touch tone (DTMF) pad on the front
of it, along with an on-off switch for the tones. Of course
it also has the normal PTT switch.
The HM-8 is used on the 25A Red LED, 245, 290, 402, 202S, 451,
471A, plus other rigs.
This particular microphone has an 8 pin round connector, works
fine, is in its original box, and includes paper work for $50.

Kenwood MC-48, DTMF Touch Tone Microphone
Round, 8 pin connector, will go with any Kenwood rig taking
this kind of connector (TM-201, TM-211, TM-221, TM-231,
TM-241, TM-2530, TS-50, TS-430, TS-440, TS-570, TS-850, TS-870,
TS-930, TS-940, TS-950, TW-4000, etc.).  Has UP and DOWN
switches and PTT, along with 16 digit touch tone pad.
It works fine, and includes paper work for $50.

Kenwood MC-46 DTMF Touch Tone Microphone
Touch tone DTMF microphone with 6 pin connector, as used on
TR-7730, TR-7800, TR-7850, TR-7930, TR-7950, TR-8400, TR-9000,
TR-9130, and others.  Up-down switch on top.  16 digit touch
tone pad. This one works fine, and includes paper work for $45.

CES 655 L "Microdialer" DTMF Microphone
You can manual dial a number, or automatically have it
stored in the mic, and "speed dial" with this mic. 12
digit touch tone pad on the front, with the microphone
part above the pad. This one presently has a 4 pin plug
on it, but of course that can be changed. $35

Data Signal "Data-Coder 5" touch tone mic
This mic has a 12 digit touchtone pad on it, plus a
normal low impedance microphone. With 4 pin plug.
Like new. $38

Low Pass TVI Filters:

A low pass TVI filter is added to the transmitter (inserted
in the coax line after the transmitter or transceiver) to
reduce harmonic interference.

Bencher YA-1, high power, low pass TVI filter
If you need a more heavy duty filter for the output of
your amplifier, this one is ideal. It will take full legal
power plus, and has at least 80 db signal attenuation at
TV channel 2.
It is also in a very sturdy metal case with SO-239 connectors
on each end, and is a 50 ohm filter.
This one works great, and looks close to new. Someone added
some felt to the bottom, so that it protects better. It is in
its original box, with paper work. Bencher currently sells
these for about $90. This one is only $65.

B & W FL-10/1500 (Also known as model 425) low pass filter
B & W TVI filter, 50 ohm. It cuts off just above 10 meters,
and will handle 1500 Watts. SO-239 connector on each
end. This is the latest model B & W filter. It is in very nice
condition; it looks very close to new. With paper work $40.

Drake TV-3300-LP Low Pass Filter
This is a modern low pass filter to go between your transmitter
and antenna, and has been optimized to have more attenuation
in the 40 MHz region, where many TVs have their IF. It is good
for 1000 Watts "average" according to the manual, and has
over 80 db attenuation at 41 MHz. This one looks great, and
includes the paper work. $30

Drake TV-42-LP Low pass filter
Rated for 100 W thru 30 MHz.
Similar characteristics as the TV-3300, but lower power rating.
It works fine and looks like new. $ 15

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.

Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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