8640B variale AF oscillator

John Ely kwradio at CEDAR-RAPIDS.NET
Fri Jan 22 21:36:25 EST 2010


I am struggling with the variable AF oscillator (option 001) in my 
8640B.  I suspect someone* has installed JFET A11Q11 incorrectly.  The 
information on page 8-4 of the manual shows two different connection 
schemes for black plastic FETs.  The one shown in the 2010 ARRL handbook 
for a MPF-102 JFET ( and it agrees with Motorolla's spec) is not like the 
two shown in the 8640 manual!

Perhaps someone on this list has one of these oscillators that works and 
can check how Q11 is wired up.


*John,  W0GN

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