Dee Almquist w4pnt at COMCAST.NET
Tue Jan 26 20:44:03 EST 2010

Hammarlund Super pro 210SX Covers 1250kc thru 40meg Built sometime in 
the '40s Comes w/ cab & spare radio for parts. THIS DEAL IS FOR TWO 
RADIOS. Price? REASONABLE. Lets first find one of you "Radio heads" that 
wants this project. Then we can talk price or trade. I can take pics 
but.... only if you are serious about the project.
CONDITION: The panel & cab is its original black wrinkle & not bad 
shape. will clean up nice. Last time I checked it was ten yrs ago & all 
bands but the lowest (1250kc) rx'ed sig. One of the coils in that 
section is rattling loose. Good reason for no sig!! However, thats where 
the other rx will come in. Any one that has operated one of these 
receivers knows its strong points (like PP audio OP & variable IF). Can 
be a very nice AM addition. And yes, I do have the power supply 
including spare parts.

One other catch is you have to arrange to pick up. This might be some 
ham's shop in Md. or W. Va. I can arrange for that. Or better yet, take 
a trip down I-81 to Waynesboro, Va. to my shop.
Any interest?
73 es Dee


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