Comet Pro

Wilson Lamb infomet at EMBARQMAIL.COM
Wed Jan 27 21:08:28 EST 2010

I finally bit the bullet and dug into my Dad's 1936 Comet Pro, which I 
wanted to run in CX but couldn't, because it was dead.  Within a few 
minutes, I had found there was no B+ on the first IF tube, which reduced its 
gain considerably.  Fortunately, the little RFC feeding the IF can was open 
because of a bad connection between its winding (very fine solid wire) and 
the piece of Litz wire spliced onto it to connect to the terminal.  I just 
unwould enough wire to loop around the terminal and solder.  The bypass cap 
is OK, so corrosion is my only guess why the splice would fail.  Boy was I 

After that, she came to life and has now been up to 80m!

SO, I'm looking for a set of BB coils, for 40m and, if there's a junker 
around, an 8mH. RFC.

I'd also like to locate as many Comet owners as possible, especially anyone 
who has operated or serviced them.


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