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Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at FLHAM.NET
Thu Jul 1 18:29:58 EDT 2010

For Sale:

Johnson Desk Microphone
It looks like a Shure 444, except it says Johnson on the front
instead of Shure, and has the Johnson logo on it.  I am assuming
that it is a Shure 444 that Johnson simply had their name and
logo placed on it.
This one has a very nice pattern on the scope and looks extremely
nice.  $45

Heil SM-1 Microphone "Shock Mount":
The SM-1 "Shock Mount" is Heil Sound's 8-point flexible
suspension support system that helps suppress low-frequency
rumble on the microphone line by absorbing and damping
vibrations picked up from the studio desk or console.
It is a professional suspended shock mounting system,
black in color. The SM-1 is designed for use with the
slim-line Heil Sound microphones, such as the GoldLine
GM series, HM-10-DUAL and the PR-20. Its standard 5/8"
threads mount onto the PL-2T "Topless" and other mounts,
for easy installation.
This shock mount works with the GM-5 and similar body sizes.
This particular unit works fine, and looks very close to new.

Heil Microphone Cable:
Heil CC-1 K microphone cable
This has an 8 pin round female connector wired for Kenwood on
one end and a 4 pin XLR female on the other end. It also has
the 1/4 inch socket that can be used for a foot switch, or
other PTT switch. It is about 8 feet long.
It can be used to connect a Heil GM-5 microphone to most
Kenwood rigs that take the round 8 pin connector, although
it probably could be used with other units as well.
This one works fine and looks very close to new. In fact I
doubt you could tell it from new. $25

Hand Microphones:

Generic Hi Z Hand Microphone
This hand mic is black in color, and looks like it might
have come from a HyGain rig. It has a PTT switch and black
coiled cord. $25

Shure 104 C, Low Z hand Microphone
This is a very heavy duty Shure mic. It appears to be new,
with stripped and tinned ends that have never been on a
connector. It is in its original box, with the original
instruction manual. $30

Generic Hand Microphone
This is a low impedance hand microphone, black in color.
With 4 pin connector. $25
With no connector. $22

Lafayette EAM-15 dynamic hand microphone
2000 ohm impedance can be used any place a dynamic mic is
needed. Stripped and tinned leads.
It works fine, and looks good also. $25

Dual Meter SWR Bridges:

These feature two separate meters -- one for reading forward
power and another for reading SWR. This permits one to easily
monitor both the power going out, and the SWR on the antenna.
They are from Japan, and labeled with various names, including
Swan, Siltronix, and Quement. Both have SO-239 connectors on
each end, and work fine.

Both will work on HF, and VHF, covering 3 to 150 MHz, so are
ideal for the new rigs that include 6 and 2 meters.

Swan SWR-1
This one is in its original box, but the meter itself says
Siltronix on it. The original instruction sheet has both
Swan and Siltronix on it. $45

Quement SWB-2
No box for this one, but it works fine and looks great.
With paper work for $40

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.

Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at or W8EK at
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400

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