Tube identification help needed

Bob Jackson bob at NOFROWNS.NET
Mon Jul 5 17:36:00 EDT 2010

Three pull-outs from a "Standard Signal Generator ...

1. 6-pin, bottle-shaped glass envelope. cylindrical plate, two grids inside. Only marks on base "57-30". RCA man'f.

2. 8-pin, cylindrical glass envelope, two plates, no discernable grid connection, RCA, "AY" on base. Possible FW rectifier.

3. A wierdo one - 5-pin, glass cylinder, cylindrical plate, two grids, 75% encased in a brown, phenolic jacket, Marshall Electronics, JAN-CCSB-0C3W, made in USA 6150.

Any help mucho appreciated.

Bob  AG5X

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