TV-7 tube tester for sale -- pretty much a mil version of the workhorse Hickock 600

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Fri Jul 9 21:29:19 EDT 2010

I have a mil surplus TV-7B/u tube tester available.

It's pretty much a military rugged re-packaging of the Hickock 600 --
transconductance checker.

Will test 4,5,6 & 7 pin, octal, loctal, 7 & 9 pin miniature, acorn, some
sub-miniature tubes with in-line wire prongs, and 8 pin round

Uses a flip-book rather than a roll chart for tube-type listings. Yes, it
comes with the flip book.

I just used it to test a 6DQ5 and a 6V6.  Seems to work well.  Meter
readings are a bit more "generous" than my Hickock 600.

It appears someone has replaced the power cord with a new one, as it has the
modern 3-pin grounded AC connector, and there are no cracks in the power
cord insulation.

According to the eBay "Sell - What's It Worth," the average eBay selling
price is $124 for 18 units sold.

If anyone here on the list would like to purchase this one for $75, I'd
rather that someone on this list get a bargain.

If no-one's interested, to eBay it goes !!

Thanks for your consideration!

Pictures available upon request --


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