FS: Linear Systems for Collins DC-DC Converter

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Fri Jul 30 15:00:41 EDT 2010

FS:  Linear Systems for Collins DC-DC Converter
MODEL: 400-12V
SPECS: 12VDC In -> 12vdc, 275vdc, 800vdc, and 0-120vdc Out

In good shape. I bought it tested-good for a project but
never built the cable or started the project.  No cable
is included.  (It uses the big 8-pin flat conductor connector
type with the round post to orient the cable-connector
correctly -- the PS has the male side.)  Guarantee not DOA.

Asking $35. plus the actual cost to ship to you.

OR, will trade for some combo of the following.

I need:

(4) 30' lengths of coax w/PL-259's on both ends, one is
	for 6m, the other three are for HF.

(2) 30' length of coax w/male-N's on both ends (for VHF/UHF).

(2) Polyphasers (or other brand) lightning protection devices for
	6/2/440 w/N connectors.  (Must be bulkhead mount as they
	will be attached to the side of a steel building.)

Cables will all be indoors.  Low-loss and flexible is important.
Cables for HF need to be rated for full-legal.


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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