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For Sale:

Allied Radio Data Book
15th printing, March 1950
This book has a multitude of good information, tables,
nomographs, formulas, and other valuable information.
48 pages packed with info.
This one is in extremely good condition.  $8

Hand Microphones:

All of these microphones have been tested and work well.

Collins MM-1 Mobile Mic
The Collins MM-1 is a pressure-operated dynamic microphone
designed to fit your hand comfortably. This mike is engineered
for maximum voice response, and its die-cast case is finished
in brushed satin chrome. With its mounting button on the front,
the MM-1 slips easily into a dashboard bracket supplied with
the mike. When the MM-1 is removed from the dashboard bracket,
the microphone is in position for instant transmission. A coiled
cord is supplied with the 22-ounce microphone. The MM-1 has a
frequency response from 200-10,000 cycles per second and has an
output level of -48 db.
This one works fine; there are some pits in the chrome. $80

Generic Hi Z Hand Microphone
This hand mic is black in color, and looks like it might
have come from a HyGain rig. It has a PTT switch and black
coiled cord. $25

Shure 401 B, Low Z Hand Microphone
This mic has characteristics similar the the Shure 444
Desk Mic, but this one is a hand mic. It is a controlled
magnetic mic, with frequency response tailored for voice
communications. It has a rugged case, and a heavy duty
coiled cord. 4 pin connector. With paper work for $40.

Shure 104 C, Low Z hand Microphone
This is a very heavy duty Shure mic. It appears to be new,
with stripped and tinned ends that have never been on a
connector. It is in its original box, with the original
instruction manual. $30

Generic Hand Microphone
This is a low impedance hand microphone, black in color.
With 4 pin connector. $25
With no connector. $22

Lafayette EAM-15 dynamic hand microphone
2000 ohm impedance can be used any place a dynamic mic is
needed. Stripped and tinned leads.
It works fine, and looks good also. $25

Communications Speaker
This 4 inch square speaker is optimized for communications
frequencies (300 to 3000 Hz). It is in a black enclosure,
and is an 8 ohm speaker. It has a cord with a 1/8 inch
(3.5 mm) mono plug on the end.
This one works fine and looks OK also. $15

Autek QF-1 A, Active Audio Filter
This is an audio filter that goes between your rig and speaker.
It runs off of 110 V AC, and will peak, notch, or become a low
pass or high pass filter. Selectivity (bandwidth) and frequency
are adjustable from the front panel. This is the "A" model that
also has an additional notch filter added. The input is an 1/4
inch phone plug, and the output is a 1/4 inch jack on the rear
This particular unit looks very, very nice, and works 100%.
With paper work for $55.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

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