F.S. More misc equipment

howard holden holden7471 at MSN.COM
Thu Jun 17 21:45:58 EDT 2010

More stuff from cleaning out in prep for move.

Eico 730 modulator, with all tubes, level indicator, bottom cover. No top cover. The 6CA7s are not matched, and one has no aligning post at the center of the base. No smoke, but operating condition unknown. BAMA copy of manual included. $60

Howard 435A receiver works but this is no R-390. Should probably be re-capped. A few small rust spots on case/bottom. All knobs. No dents. Dial cover plastic is not complete, should be replaced. This was a namesake project that I just never got to really work on. Copy of operating instructions. $60 

Knight R-55 receiver. I know who built it 40+ years ago, (not me!), and it didn't work when he built it, but no smoke either. Looks complete, no dents. $25

Roller-Six (no I've never heard of this company either) DC ammeter, 0-15 amps, in sturdy black metal case approx 6 X 6", with leather handle, parallax error mirror, heavy metal clamp-type binding posts on side $10

Roll of #10 solid copperclad wire. Really unbreakable stuff, the tree will come down before this stuff breaks. Unused, no kinks etc. Approximately 350 feet (about 24" diameter roll, 56 turns), and I am not willing to cut. $40

BC-1206A LF beacon receiver built by Setchell-Carlson. No case, some corrosion but otherwise complete with tubes. Unknown working condition. $10

Tecraft model 50 6 meter converter, nuvistors/tubes. Unknown operating condition, but my Dad used it many years ago. $10

Sector model SM-7B antenna relay, has BNC connectors. 24VDC. $5

Bag of 50 approx ea 3.579545 Mhz color-killer crystals, wire leads $5

Heath GD-1B grid dipper with four coils (missing the UHF U-shaped coil). Original manual. Unknown working condition $15

Stancor A-8050 50 watt audio output transformer, 1500 ohm primary, 8/16 ohm secondaries, windings have continuity, no ohm-meter shorts to ground. $10

Triad C18A filter choke, 8 henries, 300 mA, 2500 volt insulation, winding has continuity, no ohm-meter shorts to ground. $20

More to follow.

Reply off list.

All prices plus USPS ship from 07465

Howie WB2AWQ

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