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Sun Jun 20 08:39:01 EDT 2010

Another update but first, if the list owners and moderators would please
overlook the following outburst which is in clear violation of list rules


Ahhh, much better.

It turns out I can’t get the truck since they won’t finance it.  It has to
be 100% due to the price ($1000) which, if course, I don’t have.  And then
there’s tax, paperwork charges, registration, safety check and a host of
other niggly things that make it closer to $2000.  I have a bad credit
rating – ruined when I couldn’t drive trucks anymore and the bills didn’t
magically stop happening – so I can’t get a loan which basically sucks since
I am sans wheels and have a couple tons of things to move.  

Thus far, I've not found anyone who'll let me use their truck or will haul
my stuff for me for gas money now and extra after payday so, unless I can
find an interest free or low interest 18-24 month loan for the $2000, I'm in
a world of hurt.  It's the least expensive vehicle I've found that's still
useful for me both for carrying stuff now and later for planned usage.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that the paperwork has been finalized and I have the room I
want.  I'm catching a ride over there Monday to get the key and ask a few
questions like if I can set up a ham rig in the room (external antenna -
they may have some rule about it) and other cool stuff.  If I can, the HT-32
and one of a couple of receivers will wind up there feeding a windowsill
antenna that can be brought in when not in use.  (I'll also have my
non-surplus & non-boatanchor 2m FM rig set up there when I'm home and aboard
whatever vehicle I wind up with when I'm on the road.)  

While I'm there, I plan to take some pics and eyeball measurements of the
room so I know what I have to work with.  They'll be posted somewhere (I
have several possibilities) so you all can be envious of the new digs.  :-D

Anyway, back into the breech ... 

Best regards,
Michael, WH7HG BL01xh 
Hiki Nô! 

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