Heathkit Love Thread

butwheat butwheat73 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Mar 4 21:30:09 EST 2010

Ah, Griefkit stories! In the -70's I was a teenager, avid SWL due to
my Parents sticking me under the headsets attached to a
Halliscratchers S-38D and the fact that international broadcasting was
big then.
I was so enamored with SWL that I saved my kid-work money (farm work
in summer, bell-hop, bus-boy n such the other seasons) and bought an
Heathkit SB-310 rx kit which included ham bands. No paltry HW (hot
water) stuff for this boy!
Fortuitously, this eventually led me to ham radio, as a vhf converter
I built landed on 2m instead of the intended cop-shop frequencies, and
when a local ham calling a net on 2m kept announcing his beam heading
changes I noticed the 'TV' antenna across the street and the next
alley over moving in unison, I blasted across the street, through the
neighbor's yard, hopped the fence, over the alley, and banged on the
side door of the house with the 'TV' antenna.
That feller hooked me up with not one, but TWO mentors, and all these
years later I'm still in wonder.
Griefkits sometimes bad rep is probably, by and large, due to amateur
soldering. I was fortunate with my SB-310 in that I'd already built
all sorts of stereo and tv (and other stuff) for neighbors before
doing that rig.
Oh, in closing, when I did get the license, the 310's excellent rx was
paired with a lowly Knight Kit T-60.
Perhaps a Knight thread would be interesting, along with Globe,
LaffAlott (Lafayette), et. al.?
vy 73 de Mark - currently KX8XX

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