A Heathkit Moment

RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at MSN.COM
Fri Mar 5 16:06:36 EST 2010

As a Novice in the 60s and in high school, I couldnt afford Collins (who could?) and I couldnt afford Heathkit either on my meager high school freshman money I got from working part time.   However, our radio club had an SB 300/400 combination that I would dream about being able to operate when I got my General.


My first Elmer, who I was introduced to by my dad, had a DX 100 and an HQ 180.  First time my dad took me to his friend's home, the guy sat me down in his shack and he went driving around the block and made some transmissions on 10 meters while I sat at his house and listened.   I was hooked...    From then on I wanted a DX 100.    Finally was able to buy a used one my senior year in high school.   I went back to Ohio to stay with some relatives and the rest of my family moved out later.  Dad loaded up the DX 100 into the trailer with all the other furniture and brought it to me in Ohio, where I put it back on the air.   A long wire antenna made of up clothesline wire strung out a window and end fed on 160 meters let me work all up and down the eastern part of the U.S. on AM Phone and CW.


There was nothing like an AM phone signal coming through late at night on 160 meters.   Now at least, 10 meter phone on 29.0 can still bring back some of those sentimental feelings.


When we moved back west again, the DX 100 stayed in storage at a ham's home in Ohio.  Dont know whatever became of it because I lost contact with the guy.   But, I got another DX 100 in my shack now.  Bought it for 25 bucks.  I've had offers for it, but have consistently said it isnt going anywhere until I go to that fully equipped shack in the sky (HI HI).   And, I hope the shack up there has a DX 100 among its inventory.


OH yea ... I also have in the shack a complete SB setup, two Apache's, SB10 sideband adaptor, two Twoers, a Sixer, a Pawnee, and a DX 40 with VF1 and HG10 vfos.   Also assorted Heathkit swr meters and phone patches.   


Still trying to locate a functioning and good condition Mohawk receiver to go with my Apache(s).... at a reasonable price.


> Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 15:14:40 -0800
> From: k5iid at SBCGLOBAL.NET
> Subject: Re: A Heathkit Moment
> Over the 50 plus years that I have been licensed and having been lucky enough to do well in contests, working DX etc...
>  There is still nothing that compares to the time way back when I first fired up the used Heathkit AT-1. I had just bought it from a ham across town for 20 bux. I remember my dad, a non ham, but kind of a wanna be, paid for it for me.
>  We brought it home and set it up. No, I didn't make a contact that night, but the next day and the day after that and so many more I had the world before me in the two little metal boxes in front of me...My very well used Hallicrafter S-38D and the AT-1 and the wires outside made friends with the world of ham radio.
>   It was a magical moment that put me on the magic carpet that is still flying around the world all these many years later.
>  Oh yeah, my dad was very interested in me getting on the air. He always said that he knew where I was a 10 PM and not out on the streets. He may have very well kept me out of trouble that way.
>  Sorry for going so far afield... but this thread brought up a lot of memories.
>  Tom K5IID 
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