To All that owe our career to the Gonset Communicator

Bob Peters rwpeters at SWBELL.NET
Fri May 7 12:09:00 EDT 2010

This was sent from Bob Heil and is a great article about Gonset and that
great old Gonset Communicator that we all started with.I had one as a novice
and did not upgrade in the one year time that cost me 6 months to get my
General. I also remember the CAP using these and the CD Yellow unit.

Bob W1PE


This is a fascinating article about Bob Gonsett and his father Faust Gonsett
that help to create the 

excitement on the VHF amateur airwaves.  Many of us learned so much from
those early days of VHF
experimenting and operating with those loveable little 'Goonie Boxes'.   I
still have several .  I hope you

kept yours and are using them !   


Read on - another great career all founded upon amateur radio.


BOB HEIL, K9EID (since 1956)
618 257 3000


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