73 Amateur Radio Magazines

Bob Krassa bob at KRASSA.COM
Sun May 9 22:57:54 EDT 2010

I would like to imrpove my collection of 73 Amateur Radio magazines.  I have
the following issues for sale for $1 per issue, or will trade:
1969 - Sep only
1976 - Sep only
1977 - Apr only
1979 - entire year plus Oct, Nov & Dec issues
1980 - two complete sets
1981 - entire year
1982 - entire year plus extra June issue
1983 - entire year plus extra Oct & Dec issues
1984 - Jan thru June plus Oct & Nov
1995 - June & July only
1999 - all except January issue - there was no April 1999 issue (March was
issue #462 and May was issue #463) so this is 10 issues
2000 - Jan/Feb combined issue, Mar, May, July, Aug & Sep 
and I am looking for:
1984 - Sep
1986 - Sep thru Dec
1989 - Dec
2001 - Jan, Feb and Aug thru Dec
2002 - all
2003 - Jan thru Sep. (Sep was the last issue of 73)
If you want to see what is in any of these issues, there is a great website
with all of the tables of contents at
And if you are not familiar with 73, see the reviews on eham.net at
Payment by PayPal only.  Please e-mail telling me which issues you want, I
will confirm and tell you the total including shipping which will be actual
postage plus the USPS delivery confirmation charge.  If we trade we each pay
postage.  I
73s!  Bob Krassa AC0JL

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