FS: Multi-Elmac & Gonset & Test Gear

kd4e doc at KD4E.COM
Sat May 15 00:01:05 EDT 2010

Selling my Multi-Elmac AF-68, PMR-8, M-1070 station
with the interconnecting cables, a Swan Vox VX-2 I
planning to modify for the AF-68 and a Central
Electronics Model DQ Multiphase Q Multiplier I was
planning to modify for the PMR-8.  Some of the manuals
and schematics are originals, some are copies.
It sells as a package.  Request details and pictures.
$275. plus the actual cost to ship.

Gonset Commander II transmitter. It was tested before
I received it and has not been modified by me. Includes
two coil sets and the parts to build the 300v PS it
requires. It sells as a package.  Request details and
pictures.  $175. plus the actual cost to ship.

Some test gear in generally-good physical condition
but which may require some repair or tweaks to be as
new:  HP 3400A RMS Voltmeter, Lampkin 205A FM Deviation
meter good 25MHz to 500MHz (includes original manual),
Heathkit IT-28 Capacitance Checker with "magic eye"
(refurbished in FL in 2009), and a HP 654A Sig Gen.
A 4-piece package of test gear.
$155. plus the actual cost to ship.

TRADES CONSIDERED:  160-10M solid state 600w+ (output)
amp, or one readily modified for HF (prefer one that
runs on 50vdc).  Yaesu FT-857D (or other 160m-440 rig).


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