Crystals swap or sell

Emil Dular WD4SCZ at AOL.COM
Sun May 16 11:38:08 EDT 2010

Hello all,

I have come across some crystals I'd like to swap or sell to someone who could use them. Make an offer for the batch, or 5 bucks each and cover the postage. 

FT-171B holders for BC-611 and such:
Two ea. 5455 kc and one each of 5456, 5572.5 and 8645 kc

CR-1A/AR holders for SCR-522 and such:
One ea. 7400 kc; 7600 (good for 146.52) 7997.22 kc (good for 143.95 mc); 8425.71 (good for 50.55) and 8600 (good for 51.6)

DC-34 holders for BC-669 transmitter
Five ea. 2466 kc. Two ea: 1720 kc; 1790 kc; 2030 kc and 2422 kc. One ea. 1970 kc, 2010 kc.

DC-35 holders for BC-669 receiver:
one 1930 kc crystal  should oscillate at 2315 and one 2050 should sing at 2415.

73 de Emil WD4SCZ 

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