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Wed May 26 08:57:11 EDT 2010

FOR SALE: The Kenwood MC-50 desk mic has PTT and LOCK buttons. 
It was originally designed for use with the TS-120S, TS-520S, TS-530S, TS-820S 
and TS-830S. It can easily be adapted to work with other transceivers. 
The MC-50 microphone is no longer in production.

The connection at the back of the mike can be removed and rotated 
180 degrees to selecteither high or low impedance.
# - Selectable impedance: 600 ohms or 50 kilohms.
# - Sensitivity is:
# - -56 dB +/- 3 dB when used at 50 kilohms. And -76 dB +/- 3 dB when 
used at 600 ohms.

The microphone is in excellent condition. No scratches, marks, rust, 
scuffs etc.
Hard to tell from new, and comes with the stand and cables of course. 
It also comes with the instruction sheet.

As of right now I have two of these available, and you will not find 
any better ones.
One comes with the MFJ-48 which is a 4-pin to 8-pin adapter. This 
adapter allows the MC-50 microphone to be used with later model Kenwood 
tranceivers such as the TS-440s, TS-140s, etc.
The other one already has an 8-pin connector so can;t immediately be 
used on the older radios.Take your choice... first come, first served.

Available for $85.00 each plus shipping. 

Picture and details at:

FOR FASTER RESPONSE, Please use my main e-mail 
address:   af4k at hotmail.com

73 - Brian "Bry" Carling, AF4K

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