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Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at FLHAM.NET
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CW Keys, Keyer, and Cables For Sale:

Signal Electric R-68 Code Practice Buzzer
This unit has an oval based key (nice action with nice bearings)
mounted on a piece of wood that I think is mahogany.
The code is on a metal plate on the front, with the key on
the right, and the buzzer on the left.  There is a wiring
diagram and other information on the back.  It can be used
by itself, or hooked together with another unit.
This unit is in great condition, and is collectible.  I don't
know the exact vintage, but I am guessing prior to WW II.  $50

Army Signal Corps J 5 "Flameproof" Key
WW II vintage key, made by Western Electric.
Great condition.  $75

Nye Viking 320-001 CW Key
This key has a black rectangular base with nickel plated
hardware and a "Navy Knob". It has extremely good action,
much like the Nye "Master Key" that is now discontinued.
It works 100% and looks very good. I can not find a scratch
on this key.
Nye Viking sells this key for $65. Buy this one for only $40.

Nye Viking Speedex 310-001 "Oval Base" Key
Nice action, with nickel hardware.  This originally had a black
base, but someone painted it to look like it is brass.
Nye sells these for $58.  This one is only $35.

Heavy Metallic Base for CW Key
This is a heavy metal base that weighs about a pound and a half,
and has red felt on the bottom. Attach most any key to it and it
will stay in place on your desk!  $20

Cables for CW keys and keyers

Cable for straight key
About 3 feet long, with a mono 1/4 inch phone plug on it,
as is used with a straight key. $5
As above, but 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) plug. $5

Cable for paddles
About 3 feet long, and with a 1/4 inch stereo connector
on the end, like used by most rigs. $8
As above, but 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) plug $8

19 inch Relay Rack Shelves:
This black shelf in made to fit a standard 19 inch relay rack.
The shelf itself is 17 5/8 inches wide (standard width for
inside of the rack) by 18 inches. It attaches to the rack so
that 4 inches of it extends in front of the rack and 14 inches
behind the rack (or you could reverse it for 14 inches in front
and 4 behind). It has vent holes so that equipment that is set
on it can get some air. It requires 4 inches of rack space.
It is similar to one seen here
except 4 inches of it extends past the mounting point.
These are in extremely good condition. I can not find a scratch
on them. They look new. Two are available. Buy one for $35,
or both together for $65.

Collins Hand Microphone

Collins MM-1 Mobile Microphone
The Collins MM-1 is a pressure-operated dynamic microphone
designed to fit your hand comfortably. This mike is engineered
for maximum voice response, and its die-cast case is finished
in brushed satin chrome.

This one works fine; there are a couple extremely small pits
(smaller than a pin head) on the chrome, but it looks very
good. The coiled cord is a bit stiffer than when it was new.
With PJ-068 connector (often used on Collins and Drake
equipment) for $100.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at or W8EK at
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