FS Old Rotors and Controllers

Charlie Hugg - K5MBX k5mbx at HUG-A-BUG.COM
Thu Nov 4 15:21:32 EDT 2010

Rotors For Sale: I have several rotors and controllers for sale. All look to be complete and repairable, but all will need work. 1. CDE TR-2. I have two TR-2 rotors and one matching controller. These use the 8 wire control cable and were made in the 1950s. Price is $65 for all; 2. I also have two AR-22R rotors and one matching controller. Price for all is $65; 3. Last, there is one Alliance Tenna-Rotor , Model U-100, and one controller. It has a Sears lable on it.It looks near new, but don't work. Price is $40. All prices are plus actual shipping. No charge for packing. Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX

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