Wattmeter, Variac, Microphones, Dummy Load and more FS

Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at FLHAM.NET
Thu Nov 18 11:51:30 EST 2010

Numerous Boatanchor Items For Sale:

M C Jones VHF/UHF Wattmeter:
This MC Jones Wattmeter is a vintage unit, probably from just
after WW II. At that time, it was the gold standard of wattmeters,
basically equivalent to a Bird today.
This particular meter has N connectors in and out. It reads 12
Watts full scale in the forward position, and 4 Watts full scale
in reflected. It also has an SWR calibrate and SWR scale on the
meter. I think the frequency range is from 20 to 1000 MHz, but I
am not 100% positive of that. It works well on 2 meters and 440
MHz. The RF sensor unit inside is model 576.3.
This one functions fine, and looks extremely nice for its age.

Variac (Variable AC transformers):
Staco Type 033-3587 Variac
This Variac is rated for 10 amps output at up to 140 Volts AC,
50 to 60 Hz. This one is in very nice condition. The knob even
shines, and has a nicer pointer than most I have seen. The
scale is crisp and nice. It will just barely fit in to a medium
Priority Mail Flat Rate Box, so shipping will not be too bad.

19 inch Relay Rack Shelves:
This black shelf in made to fit a standard 19 inch relay rack.
The shelf itself is 17 5/8 inches wide (standard width for
inside of the rack) by 18 inches. It attaches to the rack so
that 4 inches of it extends in front of the rack and 14 inches
behind the rack (or you could reverse it for 14 inches in front
and 4 behind). It has vent holes so that equipment that is set
on it can get some air. It requires 4 inches of rack space.
It is similar to one seen here
except 4 inches of it extends past the mounting point.
These are in extremely good condition. I can not find a scratch
on them. They look new. Two are available. Buy one for $35,
or both together for $65.

Astatic D-104 Desk Microphone:
Most people know that the Astatic D-104 is the "Lollypop"
desk mic. This mic has very nice chrome plating on the mic
itself, and on the PTT grip section. The base is black.
Of course it works fine, and looks extremely nice.
With paper work for $75 plus shipping from Florida.

Turner "Plus Three" Desk Microphone
This is an amplified desk mic, so it can be used with most any
rig.  Gain can be adjusted from basically no gain to quite a bit.
The reviews on eham, several people say it is the best microphone
they ever used.  It requires a 9 volt battery.  It presently has
a round 8 pin connector wired for Kenwood, but of course that
can be changed.
This one works fine and looks nice.  $40

Turner Sideband Expander Desk Microphone
This is a high impedance desk mic with good articulation.  Great
for any rig requiring a Hi Z Mic.It has a black base and neck
ith an aluminum colored rig around the actual mic element.
Stripped and tined leads.  $35

Astatic D-104-M6 Hand Microphone:
Most of use know what the D-104 "Lollypop" desk mic is like.
This is the hand mic equivalent.
The D104-M6 microphone is a quality performance field effect
amplified “power” microphone. The housing is molded black ABS;
the front half is chrome plated and the grille screen is chrome
plated. The output impedance is compatible with the inputs of
almost all commercial transceivers; it has an externally adjustable
high gain amplifier to ensure the desired modulation level.
The D104-M6 has an easily accessible control so that the correct
modulation level can be set for each operators voice.
This one works fine and looks extremely nice.
With paper work for $40.

Heath HN-31 "Cantenna" RF Dummy Load
This is the traditional Heath dummy load that will handle a
kilowatt. It has a derating curve both printed in the manual
and on the can.
I measured the resistor and it is 47 ohms, so obviously it
is in good shape and a great match for 50 ohms. The cantenna
itself is in really great shape, with no rust, dents or dings.
Paper work is included for $45.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.

Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone  (352) 732-8400

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