21 12SN7GT Tubes: Some life left in them.

William Morton w_b_morton at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Nov 28 19:08:33 EST 2010

Hello All,
Another waste not, want not.  
I have 21 12SN7GT tubes from an old organ.  I tested them on a non-calibrated Seco 103 tube tester and most of them show dynamic mutual conductance of 85-90 for each section (tested as 12SN7 as the settings book does not have the GT listed separately).  The minimum 'good' on the scale is 70 and the maximum reading is 130.  
Ok, so it is not the fanciest of testers.  And the tubes are dusty and dirty.  And they are not the strongest dual triodes on the block.  BUT they are Sylvania chrome domes and will look really shiny when you clean them up!
Anyone interested?  I think they will all fit in a medium flat-rate box ($15 shipping).  If they are worth more than the shipping charge, you can make a donation of similar worth to your favorite legitimate charity.
Best Regards for the Holidays,
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