Anyone need a Conar/NRI replacement VTVM meter ? (Not the whole VTVM, just the meter!)

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Tue Nov 30 22:15:37 EST 2010

Hello again, fellow boatanchorites!

In a "deal I couldn't refuse," -- a brand new replacement Conar/National
Radio Institute meter movement for 50 cents at a swap meet -- I took home
this meter I couldn't see going to the trash, but for which I have no use as
a Conar meter.

If anyone wants it for the postage cost, it's yours.  It's made by Hoyt.
It's part number is 56338.  It has the "factory short" across its terminals
(a paper clip).

Anyone need it?

If not, I'll "repurpose it" and use it in a homebrew project. But if anyone
needs this particular meter, they're sure hard to otherwise find!

Thanks !


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