National radios for sale

Meir WF2U wf2u at WS19OPS.COM
Wed Oct 13 20:24:01 EDT 2010


Since the theme of my radio collecting is WW2 to early 1960's military
radios, I need to make room in the shack and due to my limited "play" time,
I don't have the time to give this equipment the proper attention.
Therefore, I'm selling the following National equipment (I'm keeping all my
WW2 vintage Navy receivers made by National...): 

 1.   NCX-5 transceiver with the matching power supply/speaker. The rig is
as I bought it a couple of years ago at a hamfest, still has the usual aging
NCX-5 VFO "jitter" which needs to be attended to (the variable capacitor
wipers have to be cleaned and tightened). Also, the concentric "Gain" knobs
are not original, but don't look out of place, as they're pretty close in
looks to the original. Cosmetically both the power supply and the rig look
nice.  Asking $175 + shipping.

2.  NCX-200 transceiver with original "bare" power supply, with no speaker
case. Finals are a little soft, the power output sags if tuning with full
carrier for a long time. Asking $125 plus shipping.  

3.  HRO-50 with all the coils and original speaker, all in very nice shape.
I bought it with the NBFM adaptor socket modified for a plug-in product
detector. I removed the modifications and restored the circuit to original. 
Asking $275 plus shipping for the package.


73, Meir WF2U
Landrum, SC

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