FS: ALDA 103 HF Rig Made in USA

doc@kd4e.com doc at KD4E.COM
Thu Oct 21 18:48:25 EDT 2010

FS:  ALDA 103 HF Rig Made in USA by former Swan guys.

Exceptional condition.  This is a well-constructed tri-band
early-solid state SSB/CW HF rig (80, 40, 20m).  Very good
noise blanker, rugged MRF-454's in finals output an easy
100w, and it includes the crystal calibrator option.

Includes complete documentation - manual, schematic,
service manual, most of the QST review, and the original
sales brochure.  Includes also the mic and DC power cable.

Information and discussion here:
Also, there is a Review in QST December 1978
(I read somewhere that there is a simple mod to add
bands but have not found that documented anywhere.)

Works fine.  Need funds toward an HF amplifier project.
Picture on request.

Asking what I paid for it $215. incl. std. shipping.


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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