FS A like new CDE Ham II rotor and controller

Charlie Hugg - K5MBX k5mbx at HUG-A-BUG.COM
Sun Oct 24 12:51:52 EDT 2010

FS A like new CDE Ham II rotor and controller. This is a late Ham II. It was on the tower for only a year and then taken down and stored. I got it from the estate of the orginal owner. The Ham II is similar to the Ham M except it has the Brake Control on the Conroller. It is a heavy duty rotor that will handle 7.5 to 12 sq ft of wind load, depend on how you mount it. It is in great condition and looks near new(digital pictures available). It works great, but the meter does hesitate some so the rotor potetiometer will need cleaned. The rotor turns smoothly. Price is $225 plus shipping. It also comes with the lower mast mounting bracket, if you need it. Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX

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