Great new antenna

Daniel Donnelly kc7vda at GMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 30 11:04:26 EDT 2010

Hello all;
Just opened an e-mail from the Southgate Radio Amateur Club ( England)
and much to my surprise the second item in their news was an article
about a multi band antemma. Nothing unusual about that, what was
unusual was the way the antenna worked, it worked by pumping a stream
of (salt) water into the air!
when I went to the designers website, his demonstration actually
showed him transmitting on 2 mtrs !!!

I don't know how many of you remember a column in CQ magazine
supposidly written by a wacky Asian ham. Each month the column
detailing "scratchi's" laughable exploits and  "Goldbergian"
By the way,  "Scratchi's author was actually ( then) Arizona senitor Goldwater.
One of " Scracthi's" wackier inventions was a beam antenna that worked
by spraying  streams of water to form the elements of his beam. I
remember reading that article back in 1970 and laughing untill my side
hurt !

HMmmmm, maybe I should go back and reread those columns, maybe he had
some other goofie ideas that would be not quite so goofie today,

As Scratchi would say ... " Ah so,  is maibe great invenshun just need
to be patted ! "


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