FW: Transmitter Plate Transformers Free To A Good Home

Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Mon Sep 20 13:06:19 EDT 2010

I totally second Mike's thoughts.  A USPS Flat Rate box won't work on many, many 

#1:  Mike's transformers are far bigger than even the Large Flat Rate box. So it 
is a total non-starter right there.

#2:  As I found out to my own loss, even if a transformer will fit in a flat 
rate box and even with a bit of space (an inch or so around the transformer) and 
even with careful packing by your's truly, the transformer will probably NOT 
survive the trip. In my case, it didn't - the box got dropped (it weighed close 
to 20 lbs) and that much weight was just not going to pay too much attention to 
the foam and other packing material - the ceramic insulators got mangled and I 
refunded the buyer's money and ate all the other expenses (shipping, ebay fees, 
etc).  The next time (a  week later) when I shipped another transformer, I did 
NOT try to jam the thing into any fixed box size - I double boxed it with plenty 
of heavy insulation material for protection around the terminals and all around 
the case.  THen wrapped the now boxed transformer with bubble wrap and put all 
of that into a much bigger box.  That worked.

Transformers like Mike have to have substantial packing crates or very heavy 
duty cardboard containers.  I don't envy Mike's task in getting rid of those 
beasts.  Free is a good price - so plan on a drive to get them!  

Just my thoughts from my recent experiences.


From: Mike Langner  <mlangner at SWCP.COM>
Sent: Sun, September 19, 2010 7:27:10 PM
Subject: [BOATANCHORS-TEMPE] FW: Transmitter Plate Transformers Free To A Good 

Hello John (and the list!)

They'd have to be within protective crates within the flat rate boxes -- one
will weigh in at close to 75 pounds, the other will clearly exceed it.

Both transformers have ceramic cone insulators sticking out of them, which
is why the requirement for protective crating.  If after crating one would
fit in a flat-rate box, it could work.

Still, with their Bakelite insulation, connection posts, and irregular size,
they're sure more easily damaged than is steel stock!

But thanks for the idea !


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