United States supports new secondary MF Amateur Radio allocations

David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Wed Sep 22 10:29:24 EDT 2010

This is exciting. Hope it does happen.


United States supports new secondary MF Amateur Radio allocations

The ARRL reports that the United States is supporting new secondary
Amateur Radio allocation at 461-469 kHz and 471-478 kHz.

The Federal Communications Commission and the National 
Telecommunicationsand Information Administration (NTIA) - the spectrum 
regulators for United States private sector and government users, 
respectively - have agreed to support a secondary MF allocation to the 
Amateur Radio Service at 461-469 kHz and 471-478 kHz at the 2012 World 
Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-12), to be held in Geneva, 
Switzerland from January 23-February 17, 2010.

FCC and NTIA officials formally presented the proposal at a meeting of
the Second Permanent Consultative Committee (PCC.II) of the 
Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL), held August 
30-September 3 in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Read the full ARRL story at


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