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Sat Apr 2 14:52:21 EDT 2011

FS: Daiwa AF-606K Allmode Active Filter

I bought this recently but it is not going to fit
where I thought it would. Nice shape, minor marks,
includes a DC adapter.

Controls on front of unit as follows:
- Notch: 500, 1.2K, 1.5K, 1.7K, 2.0K, 2.5K (Hz)
- PLL: 500, 650, 850, 1.0K, 1.1K, 1.2K (Hz)
- Band Pass: 500, 700, 850, 1.0K, 1.2K (Hz)
- Mode: "Notch"; SSB 2.5K, 2.0K, or 1.5K; CW 140, 110, or 80; "PLL".
- Power On/Off switch
- Headphone (1/4") output.
Connections on back as follows:
- 13.8VDC input (2.1 or 2.5mm coaxial)
- External speaker 8ohm (phono jack)
- Input (phone jack)
- Tone adjustment dial
- Width adjustment dial
- Volume (unit has a built-in speaker)

Asking $65. *incl. std. USA shipping*


Thanks! & 73, KD4E
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