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William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 17 10:14:07 EDT 2011

Hello All,

I have 24 pieces of vintage shielded wire removed from various 
vacuum tube applications.  Based on a sample, all wires are stranded and
 are ~20 gauge.  This stuff is too good to just toss into the e-waste bin - certainly someone out there has a project needing some.

The 24 pieces are detailed in the following groups:

4 longest pieces are each about 5 feet long
     1 has two separate cloth insulated wires
     2 have polymer insulated wires
     1 has a single cloth insulated wire

12 middle pieces range from 23 to 44 inches long
     2 have two separate cloth insulated wires
     4 have polymer insulated wire
     6 have single cloth insulated wire

8 shortest pieces are 13 to 19 inches long

     1 has two separate cloth insulated wires

     Remaining 7 have one cloth insulated wire
Item Condition:
As these wires have been removed from vintage used equipment, they have the typical dust/schmutz.  
A few of them were wrapped with electrical tape, which has left some residue (cosmetic issue only in my opinion).  
 of the wires have tabbed collars at one end for mounting the shield 
directly to the chassis, others have a small wire soldered on for 
grounding via a terminal strip or other such connection.

I think $12, shipping included, is a reasonable price.  Using the shortest lengths from each group, that works out to less than 25 cents/ft.  Pay via PayPal please.

Best Regards,


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