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I acquired a HT-9 about a year ago that needed a lot of work and  now it is back on the air. I'll be glad to provide any assistance with yours. Email me direct. 

The rf driver section consists of 2 6L6 stages. If you want to use 7Mhz crystals on 14Mhz, the first 6L6 will function as the oscillator and the second 6L6 will function as the doubler to drive the 814 final. I current have crystals for 160M, 75M and 40M, so the first 6L6 is idle and the second 6L6 functions as the oscillator to drive the 814. 

My HT-9 only came with the 160M and 40M tank coils, so I had to build my own 75M tank coil. It is pretty straight forward ( I can send you pixs). I also wanted the output links to work with a 50 ohm load and built a simple external tuner. 

Good luck with your HT-9 project. 

73 Jerry W1ZB 

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Well, I have acquired two HT-9s.  Both are in reasonable "as turned off" 
shape, so I don't expect major problems.  If you have operating experience 
with an HT-9, I'd love to hear it. 

I'm wondering if the oscillator can be made to double, so I don't have to 
look for 14MHz xtals? 

Has anyone fed a vfo into either of the 6L6s?  I'm thinking of getting a 
little DDS VFO I can put right inside the cabinet. 

Does anyone have extra output coils?  If not, I'll be winding some.  If I 
wind, I'll likely just use a small link and go for 50 Ohms Zout. 

Thanks for whatever info you can share, 

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